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Faculty/Staff Email List




Name School Email  

Silkett, Johnnie

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johnnie.silkett@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Superintendent/Coach

Murphy, Aaron

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Aaron.Murphy@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Elementary Principal/Coach

Skoglund, Dustin

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dustin.skoglund@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Junior High & High School Principal/AD/Coach


Bledsoe, Pam

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pam.bledsoe@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Head Cook
Bloom, Denice denise.bloom@southnodaway.k12.mo.us K-12 Librarian

Bloom, Wanda

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Carter, Nikki

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nikki.carter@southnodaway.k12.mo.us 5th Grade
Claycomb, Melinda melinda.claycomb@southnodaway.k12.mo.us K-12 PE

Cordry, Teresa

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Teresa.Cordry@southnodaway.k12.mo.us 6th Grade

Germann, Jessie

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jessie.bledsoe@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Cook

Heerlein, Heather

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heather.heerlein@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Kindergarten
Henggeler, LaShawna   Cook

Jewett, Dianna

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diana.jewett@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Para-professional

Harlan, Stacy

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stacy.harlan@southnodaway.k12.mo.us 3rd Grade

Holtman, Tabitha

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tabitha.holtman@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Elementary Nurse
Klamm, Heidi                  heidi.klamm@southnodaway.k12.mo.us            PAT Instructor

McGinness, Jayne

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jayne.mcginness@southnodaway.k12.mo.us 4th Grade

Moutray, Stacey

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stacey.moutray@southnodaway.k12.mo.us 2nd Grade

Partridge, Lora

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lora.partridge@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Preschool/Elementary                                         Chapter Reading

Pulley, Nancy

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nancy.pulley@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Elementary Special Ed./                                Behavior Disorders

Schieber, Marcia

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marcia.schieber@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Elementary Secretary

Spire, Vikki

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vikki.spire@southnodaway.k12.mo.us PK-12 Speech Pathology

Talmadge, Shayne

  1st Grade

High School 

Alexander, Irene

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irene.alexander@southnodaway.k12.mo.us HS Spanish

Buckles, Sonya

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sonya.buckles@southnodaway.k12.mo.us HS Secretary
Claycomb, Melinda melinda.claycomb@southnodaway.k12.mo.us K-12 PE

Dyer, Zachary

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zach.dyer@southnodaway.k12.mo.us HS Social Studies

Thacker, Megan

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megan.thacker@southnodaway.k12.mo.us 7-12 Ag-Shop

Ross, Judy

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Judy.Ross@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Para-professional

Jenkins, Seth

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seth.jenkins@southnodaway.k12.mo.us HS English/Yearbook

McConkey, Julie

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julie.mcconkey@southnodaway.k12.mo.us 7-12 Math

Nally, Tamra

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tamra.nally@southnodaway.k12.mo.us K-12 Music/Band

Nelson, Dottie

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dottie.nelson@southnodaway.k12.mo.us 7-12 Special Ed

McCreath, Kortni

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kortni.mccreath@southnodaway.k12.mo.us 7-12 Science

Ruckman, Allie

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allie.ruckman@southnodaway.k12.mo.us K-12 Art

Turpin, Renee

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renee.turpin@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Business/HS Tech. Coordinator

Wray, Nick

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nick.wray@southnodaway.k12.mo.us K-12 Counselor

Wolf, Brandy

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brandy.wolf@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Bookkeeper/Supt. Secretary



Render, George

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george.render@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Maintenance


Albright, Craig

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craig.albright@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Custodian


Administration admin@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Mr. Skoglund, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Silkett
Elem. Staff elementary@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Elementary staff
HS & Elem. Staff staff@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Everybody on SN staff
HS Staff hs_staff@southnodaway.k12.mo.us High school staff only
Support Staff support_staff@southnodaway.k12.mo.us Support staff at both buildings


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